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15 December 2008

Almost a new year - already a fresh start

My 101 list has flickered and died. There are a number of factors that were involved with its demise, but the one I need to focus on was the quantity of unnecessary goals on the list. Many of the things I originally wanted to accomplish were superfluous to my life: nice in theory, but with no long-term ends.
I have made my list succinct, with no official number of goals, leaving room to add or edit the items therein. The new list is composed of eight elements, each terribly relevant to my future as it stands right now.

The Candles, The Goals

Read all my dog books
Write & publish Dead Dogs
Adopt a Mustang
Begin/complete the MS program at ACAS
Earn my CPDT
Get tattooed by Idexa
Study under Trish King
Reach financial stability

Each of these things will have a goal date set for them, hopefully soon, as I figure out what the realistic time-frame for each really is.

Updates to follow.